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The "Big Blonde Baby" Bringing You the Fastest, Funniest, Most Informative 30 Minutes of Your Life!

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Pop the Glam-pagne, it's time for The Julie Tussey Show!  Live guests, current events, scathing exposes! The Original Suburban Bombshell, The Big Blonde Baby, giving you the fastest, funniest, most informative 30 minutes of your life!  

Meet Award Nominated Recording Artist, “The Big Blonde Baby", Julie Tussey.  Sassy, vivacious, and funny, Julie offers no nonsense advice you're gonna love! Wife, Mother of two sets of twins, Comedian, Recording Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Entrepreneur, Glam-Girl, Fitness and Food Junkie, Julie Tussey offers funny yet encouraging topics.  After years of embracing women and their “unique challenges”

Julie has taken her influence to a larger platform with the Julie Tussey Show.  Along with performing with her band, The Julie Tussey Band, Julie and her husband and producer, Gary Tussey, have raised 6 children and formed Tussey Music and Entertainment, Ball and Biscuit Records, Red Door Studio 23 and now The Julie Tussey Show.  


Heather Robertson-  " Julie, I love your podcast, I love your energy, you just make me smile whenever I listen to you talk!"
​Tosca Reno- "I am so grateful for your work and for what you are doing spreading the word (of health and fitness).  Thank you for inviting me on the journey with you, I so appreciate it." 
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Meet the 
Julie Tussey Show Staff!
Gary Tussey and April Allen
Gary Tussey, who is julie's husband, is the Producer of the Julie Tussey Show.  After hosting his own radio talk show and television programs for many years gary is now lending his multiple media talent to the julie tussey show. 

April allen is Julie's
Personal assistant,
with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and a master's degree. April is also a former US Army Captian who is definitely a "get it done" girl!
you will love working with this amazing and talented woman.